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Better Late Than Never

Well I’ve been a horrible blogger this year, obviously… I have been knitting this year, though not quite as much as usual. Early in the year I made three pairs of convertible mitts for co-workers. While I’m glad they enjoyed them, I was reminded yet again how much I dislike doing the same pattern over and over again, as well as the feeling of a deadline hanging over my head. However, I did teach myself to knit two mitts at the same time, which is absolutely amazing and one of the best things I’ve learned. This way, I don’t have to start all over again with the pattern for the second mitt and my knitting is more consistent between the two since they’re being done at the same time. Love it!

Anyway, I recently read a comment somewhere about how gift knitting and deadlines (self-imposed or otherwise) can take the joy out of knitting, and I definitely agree. I like knitting things for Christmas gifts, but I always end up starting late and then stress myself out trying to get them all finished. Same goes for other times of the year, such as birthdays, wedding/baby showers, etc. You’d think I’d learn my lesson.

So, what else have I knit this year?

I made the Honey Cowl for a co-worker who was having a baby.

Summer Flies for a co-worker who was getting married:Summer Flies

And a Hurricane Hat to serve as a chemo cap for another co-worker’s friend:Hurricane Hat

I’ve got four projects that have been “in progress” for way too long, and I’ve recently started the Teegan Hat for my brother. Before the end of the year, I have two hats, which should be quick, to make for my mom and I’d really like to finish something for my grandma for Christmas. But then we get into the deadlines and stress issue again… Someday I’ll learn. Maybe.

A more interesting post to come soon! (Really, I promise.)

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