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My Yarn Wall!

In October, my boyfriend shared a link with me one of his friends had posted on Facebook about the world’s best yarn storage idea. I was immediately captivated and decided I wanted to try this storage idea in my yarn room (I’m not sure he believed I was serious at first). However, I didn’t want to just slap a piece of pegboard on the wall; I wanted it to look a little nicer.

So we took a trip to Home Depot to buy the pegboard and had them cut it to 60 inches by 42 inches (I have lots of yarn). With some internet searching and Pinterest browsing, we came up with the idea of stenciling the board and framing it. I found a stencil and paint I liked and took another trip to the hardware store with my dad to look at molding for the frame. Before stenciling, I decided to paint the pegboard the same color as the bookshelves in the room, an off-white, creamy color (thankfully there was still some left in a can in my parents’ basement so I didn’t have to try to match the color).


The next weekend, I started stenciling, and my dad and boyfriend put the frame together (though that picture was taken after the glue dried and the clamps came off).

IMG_0704[1] IMG_0737[1]

The stenciling took awhile and I seriously thought I was going to run out of paint. Actually, I decided not to stencil all the way to the edge precisely because I was out of paint and didn’t want to buy more!


We stained the frame and the next Saturday, my boyfriend and dad put the frame on the pegboard and mounted it on the wall while I was taking the GRE. This is what I came home to:


Beautiful! I didn’t have time to get all my yarn up that weekend because I still had to wind quite a bit of it, but this is what it looked like partially done:


I decided to organize by weight, with lace weight on the far left and working towards bulky. However, I ran out of pegboard hooks before I finished loading my yarn (I originally ordered 100 4-in hooks from Amazon), so I had to wait for more to arrive before I could finish the masterpiece. I also decided to add a little space between the different weights for whenever I buy new yarn, which is inevitable despite my already large stash. And this is how it turned out:

photo 1

Love it, love it, love it! It makes me smile every time I look at (-:

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2 thoughts on “My Yarn Wall!

  1. This is so cool 🙂 I want one now too 🙂
    Good luck on your GRE btw 🙂

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